Registering New Toll Accounts

The riteOnlineā„¢ allows you to register a new Personal Transponder account or a new Commercial Transponder account.

To register for a new account:

  1. Open a browser window and enter the RiverLink website address.

    The Login screen displays.

  2. Click Open or Register New Account.

    The Set up Username and Password screen displays.

  3. From the list of Account Plans, select the required option. The options available are:

    • Personal

    • Commercial

  4. Enter a valid email address to use as the primary email address.

  5. Select the desired option from the Two-Factor Authorization Method list:

    • Email

    • SMS

  6. Enter a password with the following criteria:

    • Is at least six (6) characters;

    • Has at least one (1) digit; and

    • Has both upper- and lowercase characters.

  7. Re-enter the password to confirm it.

  8. Select the relevant country code.

  9. Enter your contact phone number.

  10. If you are a registered customer, select the Existing Registered Account Holder checkbox.

    The screen expands to display the Account Number and Transponder Number options.

  11. Select the desired option and enter the corresponding number.

  12. Click Register.

    A screen that allows you to create a personal/commercial transponder (based on your selection of account plan) account displays. Creating Personal or Commercial Transponder Accountfor more details.