Submitting Disputes

riteOnlineā„¢ allows you to create a dispute about a transaction.

To submit a dispute:

  1. Enter the required information under Pay Your Toll Bill and click Search.


    Log in to your prepaid account and from the More Menu, click Account Settings > Outstanding Charges and Disputes.

    The Outstanding Charges and Disputes screen displays.

  2. Click a section to expand as needed.

    The open items display.

  3. Select the transactions and/or toll notices you want to submit a dispute for.

  4. Click Submit Dispute.

    The Submit Dispute screen displays.

  5. Select or enter the following required information:

    • Reason

    • Comments

  6. Click Submit.

    • You will receive a notification that the dispute has been received.

    • You may be required to provide supporting documentation.

    • A case is created and will be worked on by a customer service representative.

    • The transactions for which you have created the dispute will be put on a hold until the dispute is resolved.