How to Pay Your Toll Bill

If a Customer Bill was generated for that license plate, an unregistered user can search for their account by using the Bill Number and Vehicle Information Number (VIN). If the license plate does not have a customer bill generated (only has uninvoiced transactions), you will be able to search for your account based on the License Plate details and pay for the transactions.

To pay your toll bill:

  1. Navigate to

    Note: If you are on the Riverlink website, click Pay Bill or Open/Manage Account in the banner on the home page or click Pay Tolls in the top navigation bar.

    The riteOnline homepage displays.

  2. Find the Pay Your Toll Bill section and select either Bill Number or VIN. Bill Number is selected by default.

    If you select VIN, a note explaining you need the last 6 digits of the VIN displays.

  3. Select or enter the required information.

    Note: If you select Bill Number, you only need to enter the Bill Number and not the VIN. If you select VIN, you only need to enter the VIN and not the Bill Number.

    Note: License Plate and License Plate State are always required.

  4. Click Search.

    The Outstanding Charges and Disputes screen displays.

  5. Select the item or items you want to pay and click Make a Payment.

    The Make a Payment screen displays.

    • Note: To see the images associated with the transaction:

      • On the Outstanding Charges and Disputes screen, click the "+" to expand the Toll Notice Number section

      • Click on the Transaction ID to display the images for the selected transaction.

  6. In the Billing Method Summary section on the right, select Add New Billing Method.

    The new billing method fields for Credit Card as the Billing Type display.

  7. Change the Amount if you would like to split the payment between two methods or only make a partial payment.

  8. Select your desired Billing Type.

    1. Available options are:

      • Credit Card

      • Bank Account

      • Digital Wallet:

        • Apple Pay: This is a one time payment option only and cannot be saved as a billing method and/or used for autocharge.

        • Google Pay: This can be used for one-time payment. This can also be saved and reused for future payments and autocharge.

        • Paypal: This is a one time payment option only and cannot be saved as a billing method and/or used for autocharge.





  9. Click Checkout.

    The payment receipt confirmation displays.

    1. Click View Receipt to see the full receipt.

  10. Note: