Receipts and Statements

The riteOnlineā„¢ keeps a record of your payment receipts and monthly statements.

To view your receipts:

  1. From the More Menu, go to Account Settings > Receipts and Statements.

    The Receipts tab displays.

  2. To view your receipts:

    • Select a timeframe or enter a date range to search.

    • Click Search.

      The Search results display.

    • Click the PDF icon to download the recipt.

  3. To view your statements:

    • Click the Statements tab.

      The Statements tab displays.

    • Select a Year.

      The months (up until the current month, if you select the current year) display.

    • Select the month of the statement you want to view.

      The row is highlighted and your statement displays.

    • Click the PDF icon to download the statement.